Tesla gets back to work

Tesla is the last major carmaker remaining in California, and the largest manufacturing employer in the State with more than 10,000 employees at the Fremont factory and 20,000 statewide.

Given the Governor’s recent guidance, which is supported by science and credible health data, the state and federal government’s classification of vehicle manufacturing as national critical infrastructure, Tesla has started the process of resuming operations.

Why Tesla is restarting?
Tesla is not an outlier, nor is going against the grain. From the State’s very first shelter-in-place order, national critical infrastructure, including vehicle manufacturing like Tesla’s Fremont factory, was considered vital and given permission to continue operating. The Governor repeated this direction when he made clear manufacturing should resume.

How Tesla works with the County?

The list below is just some of the information Tesla shared with city and county officials:

  1. Detailed health and safety restart plan with checklist and photos
  2. Employee health and safety guidelines
  3. Risk assessment process, including what the comapny has done throughout the factory
  4. Risk assessment improvements, including how we’ve identified and addressed high/medium/low risks
  5. Temperature screening protocol plus a commitment to add temperature screening when we resume long-distance shuttle routes
  6. Revised Fremont production restart plan
  7. Factory layout with square footage to illustrate on how people are spread out across our 6 million square foot facility
  8. Break room capacities (reduced for social distancing) and numbers of people in each room based on work area

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