Rothschild’s banker quits job to dramatically change career

Creating a flourishing business requires brilliant entrepreneurs and great ideas. For instance, a young investment banker left his eighteen-hour a day employment at Rothschild in his mid-20s to successfully pursue a ‘man and a van’ rubbish clearance operation.

This is one of the UK’s most impressive entrepreneurs who decided to twist his back on his GBP 80,000 a year job in the capital to move to the Midlands and trail his own dream of running his own waste collection business.

Daniel Long over the past two years has worked at the helm of Birmingham – based Clearabee now employing more than 40 people and targeting 5 million pounds turnover this year from its main office in Erdington. Mr. Daniel Long recalls how he used to labor in mergers as well as acquisitions banking for 18 hours which was high-powered mixed with very high pressure.

He further narrates how his current job has opened new doors, and it made sense to do it at the time given the fact that it was such a good stepping stone. In the past two years, the enterprise has gone from strength to strength. In January this year alone, Clearabee rubbish clearance removed more than sixty barbecues, eight tones of old newspaper, 25 playhouses, 300 mannequins, and a ten-foot stuffed grizzly bear.

Rubbish is never boring that is for sure. Daniel Long further describes Clearabee as a bulk waste on demand collection service simply because it has offered him a real sense of competing in a very structured atmosphere.

When Daniel Long left his prestigious and well-paid job and concentrated on picking up rubbish, most people thought that he has become mad. This was his own dream of managing his own business after turning back on banking job.

The fact of the matter is that rubbish clearance is a well-paid job given the fact that waste collection is on demand. Mr. Long described how the business started with a mix of consumers which were primarily domestic but now the firm has grown pretty quickly.

The company runs 20 vehicles in total, and it has been cash-positive from day one. This financial year the company is hoping to employ 40 more people to enable them to reach their target of 4 million pounds or 5 million pounds turnover. In the past couple of years, Mr. Daniel Long expresses that his firm has done over 30,000 collections from furniture, fly-tipping waste councils, sofas, TV’s, barbecues and even unusual objects.

Daniel Long has been honored for reaching milestone achievements with Clearabee. Rubbish clearance in the United Kingdom is raising significant investment, creating jobs and providing support, training, logistics, as well as mentoring to turn dreams into reality. He further suggests that the high growth of waste collection firms is vital to the future of the UK economy.

Central to such an endeavor, providing a network for the upcoming entrepreneurs such as access to mentors, experts, global markets and investors will help them strengthen their innovation in the worldwide market.

The rate at which businesses are growing in the United Kingdom is exciting. Global Startup News indicates that companies around the globe are making their highest revenues yet through innovation and technology.

Rubbish clearance firms are considered the fastest growing companies in the UK today. These businesses have made a major contribution to making a dynamic technology based on the waste collection in and around the major cities in the United Kingdom.

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