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Fast track your knowledge in wealth management industry and gain skills through work-based learning, research, mentorship, financial-related events and great networking opportunities.

What’s included (from September 2016):

  • Introduction and 24/7 support
  • Development of financial industry research skills
  • Exposure to investment banking and wealth management industry & events
  • Access to knowledge on banking and wealth management
  • Networking opportunities

Graduating-Hat”I was looking for an internship that allows to gain more knowledge. My role was a research role so I mainly research on anything under the financial industry. As it is an internship that allows me to work from home and on flexible time assignments, there is a lot more freedom to complete the tasks while keeping up with school commitments.“

Financial Research Intern 2016

Finbuzz Internship Programs

1. General Internship Program

  • Learn about finance and wealth management
  • Contribute to the fastest growing financial media
  • Rotate through different job functions (research, fact-checking, social media)
  • Flexible freelance schedule
  • College credits available

2. Specialist Internship Program (media students and graduates only)

  • Research / Content Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Personal Assistant to the Editor
  • Marketing / PR / Social Media


Should you tag a price to your learning experience, we encourage you to apply to a college programme or apprenticeship programme. We compensate travel expenses and lunches. Finbuzz apprenticeship programme for Digital Marketing students will launch in January 2017.

If you are interested, please send your application of internship using the form below: