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But what about the affluent? What is up their street? The wealthy from all over the world invest huge sums not only in luxury item such as sports cars, but also in high-end addresses, which are sometimes purchased by the wealthy only for the sake of adding them to their collection

We have composed the list of 7 most expensive addresses appearing in the wish lists of wealthy collectors.

Sala Daeng, Bangkok

A capital that has traditionally been a famous choice for real estate investment due to its strong yields. Property values have risen by 9% over the past two years, mainly because of new BTS Skytrain lines constructed.

Such areas as Ratchadamri, Chidlom, and Sala Daeng are viewed as prestigious addresses with numerous billionaires investing in real estate to add to their collection, or to generate income in the future.

Sala Daeng can be fairly called a gold mine for investors, as it is a residential area and central business district rolled into one, making great rent opportunities. Apart from that, the region also possesses a residential appeal as it is situated close by BTS and an MRT station, as well as Lumpini Park.

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The most attractive thing about Sala Daeng is SALADAENG ONE, a high-end condominium projected by SC ASSET. Situated on Sala Daeng Soi 1, the condo is located right in the mids of Bangkok’s Central Business District and in the thick of shopping malls, which makes it an excellent addition to anyone’s property collection.

Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

Avenue Montaigne is a cutting edge area possessing classic architecture and old Paris charm. This place is also a home to numerous global luxury brands, amongst which are Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Louis Vuitton. It is a daily routine here to meet a top fashion icon walking down the fashionable boulevards.

Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Monaco is a perfect place for you if your dream leisure coincides with sipping champagne on a yacht or watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix. This place is a synonym for the word ‘luxury.’ An area featuring numerous glamorous destinations including the 50-year-old Monte Carlo casino.

Kensington Palace Gardens, London, UK

Want to find tranquility in the very heart of London? Kensington Palace Gardens is your choice! These green-covered streets serve as a home to a great number of jet-setting billionaires. Some of the houses feature medical facilities, underground tennis courts, and even a car museum. Having purchased property here, you might become neighbours with Madonna.

 Fifth Avenue, New York, US

Fifth Avenue is one of the costliest addresses in the entire New York, a luxuriant boulevard lined with top-brand boutiques. Fifth Avenue is that exact place where shopaholics from all over the word arrive to splash out their money, and is also a home to Empire State Building and Central Park. The area is one of the most desired ones by the Manhattan elite.

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Paterson Hill, Singapore

Singapore is within two hour’s reach by flight from Bangkok, but the prices on property here are considerably higher. That is due to the fact that Singapore is a rich country housing many business giants. If you live in Paterson Hill area, do not be surprised at meeting a Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Pollock’s Path, The Peak, Hong Kong

The costliest area in Hong Kong, where billionaires and the rich English strata have resided since Hong Kong was governed by the British. This area is so desired because of its marvelous weather, view of the Hong Kong skyline and spell-bounding mountains.

All in all, the moral of the story goes as following: if you intend to invest in something, make the most out of it.

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