The Bank of England employees show their support for World Mental Health Day with the release of a short film featuring staff sharing their mental health lived experiences.

The film forms part of the Bank’s commitment to the new City-wide Lord Mayor’s Appeal initiative, ‘This is Me in the City’ which aims to reduce stigma and discrimination towards mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness of wellbeing.
To mark World Mental Health Day The Bank of England will also be running a number of seminars and workshops for staff in the coming days on topics related to mental wellbeing.
The Bank offers a range of services to promote mental wellbeing, including in-house staff counsellors. In addition the Mental Health Network, one of our employee-led diversity and inclusion networks, works with Human Resources and the staff counsellors to raise awareness and improve understanding around mental health conditions, and highlights the support available to staff.
The Bank of England has contributed to case studies for the City Mental Health Alliance, World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Mental Health and the recent Mental Health at Work Report. They highlight a number of developments, including implementing mental health training for over 200 line managers.
This year The Bank of England were also shortlisted for the BUPA Wellbeing at Work Award.
Commenting on the release of the film Chris Salmon, Executive Director for Markets and Executive sponsor of Mental Health Network, said:
“I am really pleased that the Bank is one of the first organisations to produce and release a “This is Me in the City” film, which aims to contribute to the wider changes required in society to end the stigma around mental health.
Those featured in this film have shown great courage by sharing their stories, and we hope this encourages colleagues and others around the City to feel comfortable about seeking support and help when they experience a mental health problem.”
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