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Julia Shudrik

A lot has changed in asset management industry over the last couple of years, but one thing still remains the same: a wide number of women still report sexual harrasment or sexism in their workplace.

According to researches made by FTfm`s third Women in Asset Management two-thirds of women stuff have constantly face the fact of sexism at the work places.

The reaction from 460 pollees to the survey support the results of the last year, which have missed that fact that asset management represents the milder side of financial services.

A senior male employee in US investment boutique, taking part in the survey, confirms the fact that over 12 years sexism has been always a wide-spread thing.

The results of the survey of interviewed female and male stuff around the world, also prove that about a fifth part of women has felt pressure to use their sexuality in achieving professional goals. Still two-thirds of women think that men are paid more for the similar job.

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Many top-managers who take top positions in industry state that they are startled by such feedback, but they convince that it is not related to their own area of expertise.

Vice chairwoman of Allianz Global Investors, Elizabeth Corley, states that she has not faced  sexist behaviour in the industry «for years».

As she recognised, she may be protected by her senior position and due to this fact she avoided sexism successfully. She commented: “As you start achieving success, your gender status starts fading away”.

A senior woman in asset management industry, Brenda Trenowden has seen the condition of the industry for the last 20 years and she noticed that when a woman gets to her 30s people start thinking that she is intending to have kids and she does not take her work seriously. At meetings these women become ignored. There are some things that make women`s career more complicated.

FTfm`s research showed that top seven biggest fund houses have decided to share data on the number of women employed at different levels. This aims to address the problem of lack of women taking senior positions.

Many other asset management companies have also revealed an initiative to provide women with their support, which assumes carrying out trainings for gifted junior female employees, training managers to reduce prejudice when they make decisions and arranging support clubs for women coming back from their maternity leave.

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