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The Reputation Institute released its annual rankings and the luxury watch brand Rolex takes the lead.

The Reputation Institute evaluates companies based on seven categories: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership, and performance.

The Hershey Company become the most reputable company in the US, but the chocolatier is far less popular elsewhere, so it is not make it to the list.

As the consequence of the last year’s emissions scandal, Volkswagen dropped 109 positions from last year’s 14th spot.

The Reputation Institute gathered over 240,000 ratings from 15 countries to compose the list. You can access the full list here.

Scroll down to see the top 10

10. Apple. RepTrack Points: 76.6.

The study concluded that the Apple’s reputation is going down. The company finished seventh in 2014, it lost one position in 2015, and now holds 10th place. Nevertheless, Apple become leader in both innovation as well as leadership categories

Here you can see everything Apple announced at its keynote on Monday, such as its new inexpensive (sort of) iPhone.

9. Sony. RepTrack points: 76.7.

Sony has a truly worldwide reputation. It came out as one of the 10 most reputable brands in 10 out of 15 countries surveyed. In this category it was toppeed only by Rolex.

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In 2016 Sony was criticized for its inability to free singer Kesha from a six-album arrangement with one of its record labels, Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. Kesha accused her producer at the Records of sexual abuse

8. Canon. RepTrack points: 76.9.

Canon is positioned position as the third most reputable brand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is the biggest manufacturer of cameras and printers in the world and has seen an expansion this year. Canon recently revealed that it would acquire Toshiba’s medical devices unit for almost $6 billion.

7. Microsoft. RepTrack points: 77.0.

Microsoft is back on the list after its absence in 2015. It ranked as the third most reputable company in Asia. Microsoft is doing especially well in the market of detachable tablets, where it surpassed Apple.

Microsoft is anticipated to take a 74.6% share of the detachable tablet market by the end of the decade.

The company’s most successful ventures in 2016 are the Windows operating system, the Xbox, and Microsoft Office.

6. Lego Group. RepTrack points: 77.4.

Lego is still at the top of the most reputable brands in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Recently Lego faced a serious negative reaction after it refused to sell artist Ai Weiwei a large quantity of its plastic bricks. The Chinese artist had intention of using them to make a political point, which wasn’t allowed by Lego’s rules. The company later repealed this rule.

As reported by Brand Finance, Lego ranks as the second most powerful brand in the world following Disney.

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5. Daimler (Mercedes-Benz). RepTrack points: 77.7

Daimler ranked the fifth this year down from the third position last year.

It was announced at the Daimler’s annual press conference, that the company sold 2.9 million cars in 2015, which is 12% more than in 2014.

Mercedes owned by Daimler could soon become very closely associated with Uber. According to Fortune the taxi app recently revealed an order for 100,000 Mercedes S-Class vehicles.

4. BMW Group. RepTrack points: 77.9.

BMW dropped from its previous year’s leading position, but it maintains its edge over Daimler.

BMW had its 100th anniversary this year. To commemorate, the company demonstrated the concept car as a vision for the automobiles evolution in the next 100 years.

The company manufactures BMWs, Mini cars and overlooks productions of Rolls-Royce cars.

3. Google. RepTrak points: 78.1.

In 2016 Google become the leader in the performance and workplace categories, but it lost its second position, the company held for two years.

The search-meets-advertising business has reshaped its corporate structure in October and created Alphabet, a new parent company.

2. The Walt Disney Company. RepTrak points: 78.2.

The Walt Disney Company was present in the top 10 in all of the evaluated categories.
Despite ranking first in the citizenship and governance categories, the enormous media and entertainment company was short of winning the first spot.

The company is brave enough to oppose the things it disagrees with. According to The Guardian, on Wednesday Disney Film Studios made an announcement, that it would boycott Georgia if the state adopts the law allowing officials to decline to conduct same-sex marriages.

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According to Disney’s website, around 185,000 people are employed by the California-based company across its various divisions.

1. Rolex. RepTrak points: 78.4

Rolex takes the spot of the most reputable company in the world thanks to its amazingly reputation for products and services. The company was present in the top ten for every category.

Luxury watch sales suffered  in 2015 in part due to the decline of the market in China. According to Sky News, the Chinese purchased 40% fewer Swiss watches — including Rolex, Swatch, and TAG Heuer brands — than they did in 2014.

Rolex was founded in London in 1905. It transferred its operations to Switzerland at the end of World War I.

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