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Julia Shudrik

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Julia Shudrik

Top-notch specialist, Dan Gallagher, who has just joined the partnership, runs corporate finance team in Manchester, for more than 10 years has been delved into the business. Gallagher worked for three years in London team of retail and consumer goods, where he dealt with both private and equity-backed firms.

He consulted on fund developments, acquisitions and disposal dealing with private companies, corporate institutions and private firms and equity-backed entities all over the region. Gallagher has got the name as Young Dealmaker of the Year in 2013.

Rebecca Rennison who was born in Manchester worked as a director with a special focus on M&A. Rennison is an experienced specialist who has more than 20 years of experience, mainly as a Vancouver managing director at Raymond James Financial.

She joined PwC as an assurance and tax specialist and for the recent 15 years has been dealing with investment banking, making equity financing and M&A transactions over North America.

In the meantime, Yong Han Park has just started working in Seoul as a manager in the advisory team of PwC North West. He is a savvy expert with more than six years practice in such types of deals as estimations, corporate finance and facilitating transactions.

Park will deal with advising firms covering all aspects of M&A, such as private equity investments, acquisitions and disposals.

Richard Baty starts working in collaboration with Smith&Williamson`s corporate finance team based in London. There he worked in the area of advising private and public transactions. He was nominated by AIM. Baty is an expert with 15 years of experience in corporate finances covering both private and public transactions.

Stephen McGuinnes has also recently started working in team of corporate finances and will be focused on deal initiation. McGuinness has been a part of PwC team for the past five years, previously dealt with market developments and customers issues, he was a business development manager for tax, deals and assurance.

He will be in charge for relations development with intensively growing businesses over the region and will be focused on facilitating private businesses and private equity-backed with their M&A goals.  

The PwC North West chairman, Iwan Griffins sated: “These appointments show the progressing commitment which not only increase our corporate finance capability in the region, but also contribute to international expertise and expand our market knowledge. Over the last 18 months we increased our team so that it became twice bigger. In this case we can provide expert knowledge and offer professional advice to our customers. ”


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