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Domaine Clarence Dillon is the holder of 3 wine estates, one of which produces the historical Haut-Brion wine the first vintage of which was in 1525.

The American founding fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were said to have enjoyed the wine with Jefferson stating that it was “the very best of Bordeaux wine”.

Haut-Brion is the first recorded wine reported to the USA and is considered as the oldest luxury brand wine in the entire world. The company was established after Prince Robert’s great grandfather, Clarence Dillon bought Château Haut-Brion for 2,300,000 francs in 1935.

In his interview, Prince Robert dwells on the occurring in the near future auction in which over 1 million dollars of wine will be auctioned. Despite the wine market experiencing a hard time for the last two years, Prince Robert seemed to have high hopes of the auction going well. He highlighted the increasing interest from around the world, not just from Europe, as American and Chinese interest in the industry was gathering pace.

“Even for a small family business like ours, we’ve seen the strength of the global market, and I anticipate we will see that in the auction tomorrow.”

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Prince Robert has expanded the businesses and facilitated spreading the awareness of the family owned famous brands. In 2015, he launched a more affordable but premium brand of wine, Clarendelle, with bottles costing just £15.50. When the Prince first joined the company in 2008 the Paris office headcount included only 2 workers, now the number has increased to 350. Last November, they also launched a new luxury restaurant in France which is of course well stocked with wine. The launching of a wine museum is also one of the Prince’s achievements while CEO of the company. In 4 months it gained 180,000 visitors.

The action was held yesterday and the result is yet to be seen. However, Prince Robert has said he is expecting a positive outcome.



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