After 6 months of beta testing, the program is opening up worldwide

ELITE Connect, the new social digital platform for investors and companies, was launched Monday. Developed by the London Stock Exchange, the service aims to simplify investor relations.

The social and professional network offers efficient corporate access between companies and investors.

Features include a profile page, investor search, events calendar, and a digital ‘meeting room’ to hold conference calls or share documents. This is the product’s full-fledged launch after a 6-month beta period earlier this year.

The program caters to investor relations professionals and is specially designed for public companies, stakeholders, brokerage and advisory firms, as well as institutional investors.

“We know that approximately 90 per cent of listed companies travel the world to meet asset management firms and spend up to one month a year meeting face-to-face. ELITE Connect will help make investor relations more efficient, more international, and more valuable for all parties,” the press release said.

Members have a database of investor information at their fingertips, as well as the means to reach out and communicate with investors and companies. Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange have already been given automatic access and dedicated profiles, whereas others can register on the website.

Comments from the LSEG press release:

Xavier Rolet, CEO, LSEG, said:
“For over 200 years, we have been grounded in an unshakeable commitment to building markets based on transparency and trust. Now that new technologies are fundamentally impacting the way people interact and communicate, London Stock Exchange Group is offering a new solution that allows financial market participants to be the first movers in a rapidly changing environment.”

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Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO, Borsa Italiana, Director of Capital Markets, LSEG, said:
“We think there is a tremendous opportunity for a modern, digital approach to Investor Relations which offers companies, investors and intermediaries greater opportunities to engage and enhance visibility in a cost effective manner. After positive feedback during beta testing, we are excited to see how all users will adapt and shape ELITE Connect to their needs.

“Participants understand the power of ELITE Connect. It has the ability to unite people across the globe, making investor relations more efficient, more international and more valuable for all parties.”

Harriett Baldwin MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, said:
“Digital initiatives like ELITE Connect are an innovative way of helping companies grow through greater and more efficient contact with investors. The UK is a world leader in FinTech and harnessing the power of technology to connect companies and finance is crucial to boosting productivity and economic growth. I’m delighted to see London Stock Exchange Group is bringing together the global business and investment community to give companies more tools to access new opportunities across the globe so they can innovate, grow and create jobs.”

Francesco Starace, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, ENEL SpA said:
“Elite Connect is a great example of how to leverage on technological innovation to reach new frontiers of engagement, opening new business opportunities, reaching new investors across all geographies and creating connections in a fast and efficient way. This is well aligned with Enel Group’s overall digitalization strategy.”

Alex Bolis, Head of Investor Relations, Telecom Italia said:
“The progress of technology is tangible among our customers as well as our investors. A pan-European platform is a good way of fostering growth and providing services to a qualified business community.”

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John Gollifer, General Manager, IR Society said:
“In many ways, the use of digital investor communications is creating a more level playing field by enabling companies to extend their reach to existing and new target audiences, while at the same time potentially offering a more tailored solution to meet the needs of a larger and discerning audience, equally equipped with online tools.”

A screenshot from a promotional video shows the features of ELITE Connect

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