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Alex Munro

Scott Spiro, owner of West End-based niche property investment Allied Property Investments, has been punching his way to the top of the property investment and development markets on behalf of clients for over 30 years.

During this time, his portfolio of concluded deals includes prime sites throughout London, from Mayfair to Hackney, totalling a commercial exchange value in excess of £2bn.

Always one for a challenge, Scott, now aged 50, is now truly punching above his weight, having committed to take part in a charity boxing match to support a breast cancer charity called Future Dreams on 29th September 2016 at The Park Lane Hotel, London.

This high society event, sponsored by Halepi Restaurant and co-hosted by Sky News presenter, Jacquie Beltrao and Sky Sports boxing expert, Johnny Nelson, is expected to raise £350,000 in essential funds needed to help Londoners suffering from the medium to longer term physical and emotional effects of breast cancer.

Scott Spiro said: “Sometimes in life it is important to step up to the plate. Over the last three months, I have been training hard at St Pancras Boxing Club in Kentish Town for what is going to be a show stopping night with a purpose! To date, I have personally raised over £50,000 from friends, family and clients for this small but mighty charitable cause, Future Dreams. In a sense, we are both Davids meeting our respective Goliaths in our day-to-day lives. I am humbled by the amazing work that Future Dreams commits to and am proud to be in a position to support this breast cancer cause, before an audience of 500 people – many of whom I know either personally or professionally.”

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Spencer Leslie, Charity Trustee and husband of the late founder of Future Dreams, added: “We are delighted that Scott chose to support Future Dreams and are blown away by his commitment and enthusiasm for this event. Without support like this we could never hope to achieve our goals.”

Scott Spiro will be fighting at Fight Night, London’s finest ‘Black Tie, White Collar’ boxing dinner, on Thursday 29th September 2016, at The Park Lane Hotel, London. To date, Future Dreams has raised over £2 million for cancer research and the team has embraced a new £5 million target to open a breast cancer support centre called ‘Future Dreams House’ in Central London, where sufferers and their families can receive the hands-on emotional and practical support they need.

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