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Julia Shudrik

The charismatic Lloyds boss has to answer quite a few questions from his own bank regarding the claims that he had a rendezvous with a supposed lover being on a business trip for the taxpayer-backed bank.

Antonio Horta-Osorio, a chief executive of Lloyds, the biggest savings bank in the United Kingdom, to the best of knowledge, had a rendezvous with Dr Wendy Piatt, who formerly provided help to Tony Blair, in Singapore.

He visited the city with the aim to attend the banking conference, but as published pictures in the Sun testify, a married gentleman took a boat trip with Dr Piatt.

As it become known, the couple spent several evenings together and she was said to have visited Mandarin Oriental hotel £350-a-night room.

The newspaper stated that the bill received from his five-star hotel showed enormous costs, which include room and mini-bar services, hotel`s spa services and made £3,550 in total.

Mr Horta-Osorio, who has been a boss of Lloyds since 2011, has been in a 25 years marriage with his wife Ana.

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Now he has been probed by his own bank, which stated that it had revealed no policy breach and that the top manager, who made £8.77m last year had not exposed business costs for personal needs.

Lloyds refused to give any comments on the reports that the chairman of the group, Lord Blackwell, the Conservative, had faced Mr Horta-Osorio regarding assertion.

The claims will be abashing for Mr Horta-Osorio who three years ago launched a new Code of Responsibility for the staff of the bank which requires the personnel to take into consideration the following: “Would I be glad to share about my actions with my co-workers, family and friends?”

At a time it was revealed that the bank downsized 3,000 jobs and closed 200 branches, pursuing this as a cost-reduction measures plan.

A spokesman of the bank shared with The Telegraph that Mr Horta-Osorio had not violated their costs policy, telling that the chief executive “stays committed to the strategy of the Group and to the bank in the whole”.

The bank refused to provide any comments regarding the “personal issue” of Mr Horta-Osorio and his connection with Dr Piatt.

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