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Finbuzz is delighted to attend a power series event entitled Banking & Financial Industry, which will take place tomorrow 27th September at HSBC, 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ.

A panel of industry put together by Generation Success will be in attendance to discuss their unique journey and life lessons, followed by a Q&A session that will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and participate in a peer-to-peer discussion.

GS Power Series seminar will be inspiring for those who are seeking a career in the banking and finance industry. The aim of the evening is to introduce industry leaders to aspiring young people who want to move forward from their studies or current work placement. A seminar such as this will equip attendees with the confidence and contacts they need to secure a career in banking and finance.

Furthermore, the seminar will encourage the passing on of mentors’ knowledge to the Generation Success attendees and allow them to hear the experiences and benefit from the knowledge of industry professionals.

Additionally, it is an opportunity for leaders in the banking and finance industry to engage with an entirely new, young audience and to hear first-hand the experiences, opinions and achievements of some aspiring young people from diverse backgrounds and the BME community.

Speakers include:

• Lin O’Grady – Deputy Director at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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• Sheik Bilal Khan – Founding Partner & Co-Chairman of Dome Advisory (World’s 1st Islamic finance social enterprise)

• Valentine Rabin – Senior Director, Growth Markets at MasterCard

• Sharon Byde – Area Director, Commercial Banking HSBC (verbal confirm only)

Sheik Bilal Kahn said: “Generation Success is a brilliant initiative. It provides the support and encouragement for individuals from diverse backgrounds to break through the many barriers present between them and their goals. The initiative is a great catalyst in creating social and economic change through professional development, peer learning and networking events. There is a real gap present between education, employability and enterprise, and I believe Generation Success is making a considerable difference.”

Sharon Byde said: “The event allows us to share our different career experiences that will hopefully resonate with the audience. Everyone has a unique story and for me, while I have a degree, I didn’t attend university full time as is normally the route. By sharing these experiences, we hope to inspire the attendees to follow their own career paths and aspirations.”

James Adeleke said: “I am delighted that we have been able to get such a huge organisation as HSBC to come together to give back to the next generation of leaders, at a time where there is a real desire to provide open access to the banking and finance industry. This event is an example of the steps that can be taken to open such doors and I hope that other organisations and professionals who share this passion will get involved in Generation Success. Let this event be the first of many steps to create equal access for everybody.”

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Generation Success was launched by successful businessman James Adeleke. A law graduate of BPP University in London, James has enjoyed a varied career in business development. He was inspired to found Generation Success following the London riots of 2011 – himself a member of what tabloid media were calling ‘the lost generation’, he decided it was time to start reclaiming the future for today’s youth.

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