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Julie Gabriel
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Paris La Défense says with Britain now likely to choose a ‘hard’ Brexit, Paris is well positioned to attract talent from London – but their choice of campaign hero is hardly appealing to the typical Brit.


The organisation representing the business district of Paris La Défense, has today launched a national UK advertising campaign to attract top talent from London in the wake of Brexit. The new advertising campaign aims to attract workers from financial services, insurance, energy but also start-ups and entrepreneurs.

From the 18th October, adverts will go live at Heathrow airport, Eurostar stations including St. Pancras International and Paris Gare du Nord, as well as across a range of national and financial publications. The campaign urges people to “join the frogs” and highlights Paris’s unrivalled vibrancy and quality of life combined with its position as a leading centre of business and innovation.

Although several cities have been attempting to court financial institutions and other professional services in the wake of Brexit, this is the first open advertising campaign of its kind.

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Commenting on the launch Marie-Célie Guillaume, CEO of Defacto / Paris La Défense said: “Paris La Défense is a ready-made, thriving business eco-system in the heart of Europe, which also offers unbeatable culture, vibrancy and quality of life; all vital factors when considering relocation.

“With the UK now looking likely to opt for a hard Brexit resulting in the loss of passporting rights, this advertising campaign is our way of rolling out the blue white and red carpet to the thousands of talented people and leading businesses looking for a new European base.”

As well as being attractive as a place to live and work, Paris offers a huge amount of world class office space, with 3.5 million square metres of office space in La Défense alone, including new towers that meet the highest international and environmental standards. By 2019, when the UK will potentially have left the EU following the March 2017 trigger of Article 50, there will also be new and renewed commercial space developed to accommodate projected growth post-Brexit.

Paris La Défense also has some of the best transport infrastructure in Europe, with easy access to international airports and France’s world class train network. Marie-Célie Guillaume continues: “The business case for Paris is clear; it is home to Europe’s largest business district, La Défense, with a strong existing network of professionals across financial services, technology, and professional services, world class office space and fantastic transport links to the rest of France and Europe.”

Just don’t stick to frogs, please. Or at least consider this one:

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