Simon Williams, Chairman of Crowdcube
3.10.16 - London. Crowdcube chairman, Simon Williams. Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages
Anastasia Moroz

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Anastasia Moroz

Simon Williams, the former CEO of Citigroup and HSBC, has recently snapped the position of Crowdcube CEO.

Crowdcube hailed the assignment as well as Williams’s investment in the business, which has become an indicator of crowd funding tapping into the mainstream world of finance.

Established in 2011, Crowdcube has assembled a team of over 300,000 members, investing more than £188 million in over 400 ventures, including a record 96-second £1 million raise for the challenger bank Monzo.

Investment made in Crowdcube by Williams was alongside 3500 crowd investors and Balderton Capital, a venture capital firm, as part of the company’s recent funding round, which has just received a shy contribution of £8 million to it.

Simon Williams commented: “Crowdfunding has revolutionised the financial services sector, allowing entrepreneurial businesses to flourish at a time when securing finance is at an all-time low. Crowdcube has been the leading pioneer in this new wave of financial innovation in the UK and has a great deal more to offer business and investors alike.”

Williams has a 30-year experience in the field of banking and investment, including serving as a head of HSBC’s Wealth Management group for 3 years and holding various senior positions at Citigroup for 9 years amongst which are head of the Asia Pacific Consumer Group, head of Citibank International Retail Bank, head of the Latin America Consumer Group and chief risk officer for Citigroup Global Consumer Group.

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Right after separating from HSBC in 2014, Williams has become a prominent fintech investor through Camelot Financial Management, his own company, assuming posts in Nerdwallet, Lending Club and OnDeck Capittal.

Williams commented: “Having worked in the banking world for many years, I am hugely excited by what disruptive fintech businesses can do to gain market share; bringing in a fresh technology-led approach to improve customer service and make financial products and choices accessible to everyone.”

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