The European Bank for Construction and Development (EBRD) hosted a screening of an Uzbek film last week, offering its staff, members of the public and clients an insight into the central Asian country. 

Shabnam is a modern love story with many twists, sharing some uniquely Uzbek characteristics of life and the aspiration and anxieties of the country’s young people.

Uzbek ambassador in the UK, Otabek Akbarov, opened the event. Film director Mirmaksud Akhunov and Asya Batraeva, head of international cooperation at Uzbek national film agency Uzbekkino, were also in attendance.

The screening is part of the bank’s cultural programme, which aims to share some of the unique aspects of the central and eastern European countries that it operates in.

The viewers were treated to authentic Uzbek palov (or plov), a dish made from rice, meat and vegetables.

The next EBRD cultural event is scheduled for 23 June. It will include the screening of Lithuanian film The Excursionist (2014).

Lawrence Sherwin, Deputy Director of Communications EBRD, Uzbek Ambassador Otabek Akbarov, and EBRD Secretary General Enzo Quattrociocche
“Shabnam” film director Mirmaksud Akhunov
Lawrence Sherwin, Deputy Director of Communications EBRD, and Asya Batraeva, Ukbekkino

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Photo: EBRD

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