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Anastasia Moroz

Challenger bank Atom has been ranked as one of the world’s leading innovators in financial technology – for the second year running.

The Durham-based company has climbed to 6th in the Fintech 100 and became the only UK corporation to make the top 10, also making it the country’s highest rated business.

The list drawn by Fintech Innovators – a cooperation between fintech investment firm H2 Ventures and KPMG Fintech – covers the 50 leading established fin-tech businesses from all over the world as well as 50 upcoming stars.

Britain has occupied 13 of the top 100 spots 18 in 2015, while China has 8 corporations on the list with the half of them occupying places in the top 10 established innovators.

Every corporation boasting its name on the list is reckoned to be using technology in the best possible way, allowing dynamic financial institutions to make profit off new technology.

Based in Aykley Heads, Atom Bank has singled out for reviving banking by making everything digitally, introducing an App using biometric security, face and voice recognition.

Mark Mullen, the Atom bank’s CEO, has said: “We are thrilled to be included in the Fintech 100 list once again, the only UK company in the top 10.

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“A lot of hard work, a clear vision and a fabulous team of partners and employees has gone into this exciting journey that we are on.

“This year has been a tremendous milestone for us as we opened our doors to consumers.

“Anyone wanting to bank with us is able to do so now, all right from their mobile phone. Atom shows that banking doesn’t have to be boring, nor is there a way that ‘banks have to do things’, our journey starts and ends with giving people a better way to bank and that is what makes Atom the bank of today, tomorrow and the future.

“Technology is exciting and there is no reason why banking shouldn’t embrace technology, deliver a great customer journey and market leading products.”

Warren Mead, global co-lead of KPMG’s Fintech practice, added: “This year’s Fintech 100 shows that the UK continues to be a powerhouse for global Fintech.

“The UK’s regulatory framework encourages innovation, there is excellent access to capital and skills and London is the world’s leading financial centre. But the emergence of China as a market leader, and the increasing globalisation of fintech means that UK policy makers, regulators and the industry will have to continue to work hard to maintain our position.”

Toby Heap, H2 Ventures, said: “The 2016 Fintech 100 demonstrates the acceleration of the disruption taking place in the global financial services industry, with more capital than ever being invested around the world in startups and established ventures that are creating new financial products and solutions.”

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