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A month after Aston Martin announced its intention to assemble its oncoming crossover SUVs at new a St Athan complex, TVR has made a statement that it will also manually assemble cars in Wales. The company that brought us such insane vehicles as Griffith, Tuscan, and Cerbera, will assemble its brand new model at a plant in Ebbw Vale, 40 miles north of Aston’s recently-revealed facility,

The facility on the edge of Brecon Beacons National Park will house the V8 sports car scheduled for 2017 – the first production vehicle TVR will construct since 2006.

In addition to the gorgeous vistas of the national park, TVR’s complex will be stationed nearby the new Circuit of Wales – a future track that already has significant deals with the race arrangers to organize such venues as the MotoGP motorcycling world championship

It was one of the major premises for the manufacturer, whose president Les Edgar previously claimed that any new site needed to be close to a circuit they could make use of to demonstrate the exhilarating performance of the new vehicle.

The first minister of Wales Carwyn Jones on Tuesday confirmed, that the factory is the first milestone in a five-year plan of £30m budget to reintroduce the brand after the shutdown of its Blackpool facility ten years ago, which led to a loss of about 250 jobs.

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In addition to introducing TVR back to the market for the first time in a decade, it could also open up about 150 new positions in the region, if reports are to be true.

Additionally 1000 new jobs will be created at the Aston Martin facility on the south coast, where its DBX SUV crossover project is to be manufactured.

During his speech at Tuesday’s announcement Edgar stated: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity both for TVR and the Welsh Government.

‘South Wales is becoming a major hub for automotive and motorsport technology and development and the area is a serious opportunity for business development and job creation.

‘We have a sports car project that has garnered global approval and excitement, and we are delighted that the Welsh government wish to become a part of an exciting new era for TVR.’

Carwyn Jones stated further: ‘This is yet another fantastic high-profile investment for Wales and a great boost for our automotive sector.

‘TVR is another iconic and much-loved, world-class brand that still commands a strong and loyal international following.

‘I am delighted the next generation of TVRs will proudly bear the label ‘made in Wales’.

“Today’s news follows hot on the heels of the Aston Martin announcement and sends out a strong, clear message that Wales is the location of choice for advanced manufacturing.”

The car manufacturer now expects fast turnaround, with assembly lines planed to be in full operation by Spring 2017 and first delivery of the new vehicle to buyers expected the next summer.

The manufacturer has also hinted about plans to come back to the race track with a ambition to enter the Le Mans 24 Hours race within two years.

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Martin Whitaker, the chief of Circuit of Wales stated: ‘Today’s news regarding TVR’s production facility in the Ebbw Vale is fantastic news for the region.

‘Paired with Aston Martin’s recent announcement, it reinforces our vision of Ebbw Vale and the south Wales region growing into a cluster of excellence for automotive and related industries.’

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