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Zoe Kutchener

From the moment you meet someone for the very first time, you quickly want to evaluate who the person is and what are her values. Such judgment of character might be useful on important conclusions like pursuing employing a person or accepting a job offer.

Based on these not-so-small things, this is how people judge your character and determine who you’re and who you may not be.

Your handwriting

Based on a research, the way some one composes and the size of their handwriting can say you very intimate things about the person. According to the research ran by the National Pen Company, it was revealed that people with tiny handwriting have a tendency to be shy, scrupulous and studious while individuals who were more outgoing tended to have bigger handwriting.

People who take things seriously put more stress on the on the pen when they compose, while light-handed writers usually have a tendency to be empathetic and are more sensitive.

Your choice of colour when you dress

People who often select black are very sensitive, creative and attentive to particulars, while people who love red live life to the fullest and pro-active in their efforts. People who love green are faithful and caring, while people who love white are structured and rational, and those who’ve blue as their most favored colour are stable, very sensitive and are thoughtful of others.

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Biting your nails

Certain compulsive behaviors can say a lot about your personality. Pulling your hair, biting your nails or picking at your skin shows how your body reacts to situations and could signal impatience, frustration, boredom and dissatisfaction. Based on a research, it’s suggested that people who bite their nails have a tendency to be perfectionists, while also stressed and frequently nervous.

Your eyes

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul. Your eyes can say a lot about you, what you’re thinking and sensation and if you’re either deceitful or loyal. Another way the eye gives you away is an insufficient steady eye contact would mask a lack of self-control and own opinions. According to another study, people with blue eyes are more rigid and also more likely to be alcoholics than people with darker eyes.

Your shoes
According to psychologists, you can correctly judge a person just by looking at their shoes. According to sociologists from the University of Kansas, just by calculating the cost and examining the style of the shoe, most people can be able to guess about 90% of the owner’s personal characteristic such as his or her income and even political affiliation.

Your punctuality

How early or late you show up for an appointment makes a certain impression, either negative or positive, about your personal traits. Being late for an important meeting means you have no respect for other people, while being early for an appointment means you are both mentally strong, organized and self-motivated.

Your handshake

It is well-known that people with a strong handshake exude confidence and reflect a strong and confident character. Such people are also more likely to be extroverted, being expressive of their emotions, and less likely to be concerned about other people’s feelings.

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People with weak handshakes, on the other hand, lack confidence and always tend to avoid challenge. Offering a handshake alone could be the different between appearing feisty or sincerely friendly.


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