Rugby starlet challenges City finance

Young rugby player whose potential career in the sport was ruined by injury launched new Mayfair office by a Wrexham financial firm. Gwyn Edwards, 26,...


Seven money transfer experts: When it comes to remittances, banks are snoozing

According to figures from the World Bank, more than £400bn is transferred between family members overseas each year, many of which are in urgent need. With humanitarian crises affecting many parts of the developing...
Investing in post-Brexit world

Simon Carlton: Crisis and opportunity are just opposite faces of the same coin

The UK's new Prime Minister made it clear during her leadership campaign that ‘Brexit means Brexit'. And with negotiations on the UK's divorce from the EU now firmly underway between Theresa May and counterparts...

RBC’s Chornous on Brexit: There will be winners and losers from this

RBC Chief Investment Officer Dan Chornous explains that while the vote understandably set off some immediate panic, it is an expected response to any crisis,he says in a commentary, which is currently posted as...

Nigel Green: Investors are craving more certainty and stability in the UK

Andrea Leadsom’s decision to quit the Conservative party leadership battle is likely to be welcomed by the financial markets, affirms the boss of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations. Nigel Green, deVere...